ISRAFIL ALAM, the Member of Parliament and chairman of Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Migration and Development, has requested the government to send the migrants employees abroad after making sure their rights as a human being.

During speaking at a coordination meeting with MPs on Tuesday, ISRAFIL ALAM stated, migrant workers should be treated as a human being, not a commodity.

According to Israfil Alam, the safety and security of the migration of the country’s local workers should be guaranteed before they’re allowed to migrate abroad.

While referring to the Lebanon-Bangladesh recruitment of female workers, he emphasized that there are a lot of female migrants workers who have been going through several issues at the destination countries, especially in the Middle East. So women workers’ security should not be compromised.

Lawmaker Aroma Dutta, a member of the caucus, emphasized on the need of upgrading technical training centers in the country to polish skilled workers for overseas jobs.

After a comprehensive discussion among all the caucus members, they decided to have a meeting with the relevant ministries to make a safe and secure migration of migrants possible.

Syed Saiful Haque, chairperson of WARBE Development Foundation asked the caucus members to boost their activities at the national, regional and worldwide level.

At the meeting, migrant rights activists, journalists, members of the trade union, and members of civil society organizations were also present.

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