Germany’s Federal Statistical Office has declared that almost one-quarter of the population of Germany has an immigrant background.

According to statistics in 2018, 20.8 million people which means 25.5% of the population has a migrant background. It shows an increase of 2.5% or half a million people in a year.

Statistics tell, in 2018, 52% of those with an immigrant background were German citizens while 48% had foreign passports.

Agency described as an individual having a migrant background or has at least one parent not born as a German citizen.

Most of the basic reasons for immigration were: 48% for family, 19% for employment and 5% for education. 72% of them came for family and 85% came for employment from European countries led by Poland, Italy, and Romania.

Just 15% of migrants moved as refugees (asylum seekers) and nearly half of them belong to the Middle East.


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