In an unmistakable infringement of aviation safety guidelines and host nation work laws, Turkey’s national banner bearer, Turkish Airlines (THY), has been Blamed to be covertly reshuffling representatives among European airplane terminals, making a noteworthy hole in air terminal security.

As indicated by informants who blamed Turkish airlines said that

“THY moved representatives from airplane terminals in Turkey and other European nations to satisfy client needs at pinnacle season without illuminating host nation experts.”

This tactful approach, which made lawful and managerial inconveniences for THY workplaces in certain nations, helped sidestep exacting security rules as representatives were not exposed to screening by the experts of host countries.

Also, the sources state, the arrangement abuses various movements, traditions and work laws as representatives who work at airplane terminals must meet various prerequisites before they are permitted to assume control over occupations even briefly. The occurrences that were referred to by the sources, who needed to stay unknown for security reasons, demonstrate that THY representatives were gotten to work in ticketing and deals workplaces. Despite the fact that the workplaces are not situated on the protected side of air terminals, comparable guidelines concerning migration, work, and security necessities still apply.

In one occasion referenced by one source, THY flew a worker legitimately from Turkey and had that individual begin working at a European airplane terminal. On another occasion, a representative was moved to start with one European airplane terminal then onto the next on an interval premise without illuminating nearby specialists. “A THY worker vouched for the movement official that he went ahead a vacationer visit, however, began working the following day at the THY counter at the air terminal in the wake of going through the night in an inn,” the source said.

In one case that was kept out of general visibility, police in Norway assaulted the THY workplaces in Oslo and confined an individual who was told by the THY organization to work briefly in the activities area of the airplane terminal. Norwegian specialists quickly ousted the THY laborer back to Turkey and issued a Europe-wide see against the individual. The authoritative and criminal examinations concerning the occurrence are as yet pending.

Mustafa Varank-VV
Bilal Ekşi

THY is controlled by individuals near Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his family. The general executive of THY is Bilal Ekşi, who is from Rize area, the main residence of the Turkish president. The director of the official board is Ilker Aycı, a dear companion of Erdoğan’s child Bilal. Aycı, the previous VP of the Istanbul part of Erdoğan’s decision Justice and Development Party (AKP), was a questionable figure in a December 2013 debasement outrage that ensnared government authorities and partners. He was associated with an improvement venture in a rich piece of Istanbul with Saudi businessperson Yasin Al-Qadi when recorded as an al-Qaeda agent on both the UN and US authorization records. The case was quieted by Erdoğan.

Turkish Airlines blamed -VV
İlker Aycı (L)

In 2014 a spilled chronicle of a discussion that occurred between a counsel of Erdoğan and an authority from THY uncovered that Turkey’s national carrier and the Turkish government were claimed to have been associated with an exchange of arms to Nigeria. As indicated by the voice recording transferred onto YouTube, Mehmet Karataş, official colleague to the CEO of THY, is heard disclosing to Erdoğan counsel Mustafa Varank, presently the business serve, that he feels regretful about the exchange of weapons to Nigeria. Karataş is heard saying in the account, “I don’t know whether these [weapons] will execute Muslims or Christians.” Varank says he had not gotten an opportunity to converse with the leader of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Hakan Fidan, and would return to Karataş when he had the option to address the intel boss. The account was accepted to be one more bit of proof of the Erdogan government’s helping and abetting of furnished jihadist bunches in different nations incorporating Boko Haram activists in Nigeria.

Turkish Airlines blamed -VV
Mustafa Varank

Turkish airlines is likewise blamed and confronting legitimate inconveniences abroad over the sudden and unlawful rejection of representatives allocated to work in abroad workplaces as a result of illicit profiling records kept up at home office. The cleanse of THY representatives, coordinated by the Turkish government with no managerial or legitimate examination, made hundreds lose their positions medium-term. The administration hindered their lawful difficulties in Turkey yet is attempting to legitimize the cleanse in different nations where host nation work laws come first.

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