Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister, has stopped the entry of migrants rescued by the German charity Mission Lifeline from accessing Italian waters on Tuesday.

The humanitarian ship had rescued 101 people in the Mediterranean Sea to Italian shores as Salvini on Monday 26.

According to the CEO of the Mission Lifeline, Axel Steier, both Italian and Maltese authorities had banned the entry of the German refugee rescue ship.

He says that the migrants were not in any danger but in case of an emergency the captain would head to Italy or Malta due to the vessel’s location.

The charity Mission Lifeline has requested the German government to play its role in this regard. They also asked the politicians to deal with the matter as soon as possible otherwise they will have to deal with it.

The migrants expressed that the ship was threatened by Libya’s coast guard, coming within 50 kilometers on the open sea, carrying migrants who had just left the country.

Alex Steier has told the people on the vessel were in a very bad condition due to hunger and dehydration. Added there are about 30 children, including 15 unaccompanied kids.


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