Thursday at the 74th UN General Assembly, Saudi Arabia called the international nations to apply “utmost pressure” to end aggressive behavior of Iranian establishment, while Iran rejected that policy as already having failed.

On September 26, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf insisted the United Nations General Assembly to cut off Tehran’s financial resources as it can be the best solution to end what he called Iran’s violation of international law.

But on the other hand, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged it would block all chances of healthy dialogues.

Moreover, the foreign minister insisted that Tehran was responsible for the September 14 missile and drone stricks on Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil facilities, which effected global oil prices.

The US, France, Germany, UK, and Germany have also blamed Iran for the attack.

According to Assaf:

“We know very well who stood behind this aggression”.We have known that regime for 40 years. It is good at nothing but masterminding explosions, destruction, and assassinations, not only in our region but also throughout the world. Utmost pressure with every tool available should be applied to end the terrorist and aggressive conduct of the Iranian regime.” 

Shi’ite Muslim Iran has refused allegations, while Sunni-led Saudi Arabia has welcomed UN investigators to determine where the attacks were launched from.

A day after addressing the General Assembly, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said while speaking to reporters in New York that those countries blaming Tehran of being responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia should provide evidence to prove their accusations.

Rohani also urges the United States, France, UK, and Germany to stop weapons supply to Saudi Arabia.

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