A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry, Steve Alter, has revealed that Germany to stop the relocation of the automatic redistribution system for refugees if migrants’ number is exceeded to thousands.

According to the Interior Minister, although the country has been continually welcoming redistributed asylum seekers they have some concerns about initiating an automatic system to that end.

The Interior Minister has insisted if the automatic redistribution mechanism caused an excessive increase in the number of asylum seekers’ arrival then Germany will stop the program for migrants migrating from Malta and Italy.

A spokesperson for the German Interior Ministry has stated:

“If it should go over the thousands, then we would need to deduce that the mechanism creates the wrong stimuli, and avoiding that is the stated goal of all member states. If numbers increase it would amount to an abuse.”

It is reminded that the automatic redistribution program of asylum seekers is supposed to be passed at the meeting of the European Union interior ministers on October 8 in Luxembourg.

Exit clause as back-up insurance

Alter further stated that Horst Seehofer, the German Interior Minister would be prepared to leave this system if it could not accomplish its expected purpose of helping Italy and Malta.

There will be a “so-called exit clause” in the expression of program, which would “allow each participating member state, without further consultations, to suspend its participation in this mechanism”, Alter said. 

He continued, they are hoping that they could convince as many nations as possible to take a part in the suggested redistribution program.

He further mentioned that over the past 15 months, the country had taken a part in “16 cases” where many migrants rescued at sea were sent to Germany causing in 225 fresh asylum seekers’ arriving in Germany.

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