Germany has warned of a new chaotic flood of asylum seekers like of 2015 EU migration chaos.

According to the European Union interior ministers, if there is no common European migrant policy then it can be dangerous as a chaotic influx of asylum seekers will once again take place, all over Europe.

On Tuesday, the European Union met to talk over migration issues as Greece has once again become the entrance to European countries for people going through privation and wars in the Middle East. As per U.N. statistics, so far, almost 45,600 arrived through sea this year.

While talking to reporters in Luxembourg, Horst Seehofer, Interior Minister of Germany, has revealed: “If we leave all the countries on the EU’s external border (to fend for themselves), there will never be a common European asylum policy.”

He maintained that common European asylum policy is required otherwise Europeans countries would face uncontrolled immigration as they had faced in the past and it should not happen again.

According to a document, prepared by Finland, Greece identified a great number of monthly arrivals in August since the 2016 EU-Turkey agreement that considerably reduced arrivals made by sea.

Turkey isn’t happy with the EU support they pledged in return for keeping a control on migration to Europe as currently, Turkey is providing shelter to almost 3.5 million Syrian asylum seekers.

The pressure on the huge influx of refugee camps on the Aegean islands of Greece is increasing once again.

According to Charity group Oxfam, more than 13,000 males, females, and children were now overcrowded into the Moria camp on Lesbos that was built to provide shelter to 3,100 people.

However, the agreement with Turkey supported contain the 2015 issues, rights groups criticized it for undercutting international humanitarian law on providing accommodation for asylum seekers and intensifying the problem of those who are already suffering.

The EU promised 6 billion Euros on migrant projects in exchange for Turkish support. The EU claims that the money has since been paid, but Ankara denies and has demanded more.

The EU’s migration commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, expressed after meeting “The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is worrying,” the bloc’s top migration official.”

The European Union leaders will talk over the topic of Turkey at a summit in Brussels on17-18 October. According to some sources, the bloc would consider raising additional funds for asylum seekers in Turkey.

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