Edouard Philippe, French PM, has defined that France debates immigration and expected changes to the immigration policy of France which could involve fresh immigrations and allocations.

He made these comments in the French Parliament Assembly during a debate among French politicians on immigration system a few weeks after French President Emmanuel Macron said that country must not be “too attractive” to asylum seekers and immigrants, due to which France debates immigration now.

Macron made a statement on September 25 saying “We need a debate to assess what we do compare to our neighbors. Do we really have to fully reimburse everything? Aren’t there some excesses?”

Prime Minister said during the France immigration debate in the assembly that administration had not reached its goals on migration adding that country has a “saturated” immigration system.

Moreover, Philippe added that back in 2018, France had received almost 123,000 immigration applications that show an increase of 22% compared to 2017.

Luc Carvounas, a member of the National Assembly said that recent statements on immigration drew comparisons with Italy, where Matteo Salvini, the head of the La Liga party and until recently Minister of the Interior, has been talked openly in his opposition to asylum and immigration.

French President has also been criticized by the far right, with French far-right opposition leader Marine Le Pen blaming the president of using immigration to get votes in the coming election 2020.

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