Germany’s labor market requires more nurses, IT experts, and other skilled workers — and is looking outside the EU to recruit them. The government and business leaders have now agreed on a plan to make the process quicker and smoother.

A specific Immigration Act for foreign qualified professionals is in progress. It will make it easier for international applicants to find and get a job in Germany. On top of that, qualified applicants from abroad already have good chances of finding a well-paid position in Germany. So hurry up and start applying for jobs in Germany. Contact us for further information to Study, Work, Visit Germany or Immigrate to Germany.

The ten most frequently sought jobs in Germany:

  1. Software developer and programmer
  2. Electronics engineer, electrician
  3. Healthcare worker and nurse
  4. IT consultant, IT analyst
  5. Economist, business administrator
  6. Account manager, client consultant
  7. Production assistant
  8. Sales representative, sales assistant
  9. Sales manager, product manager
  10. Architect, structural engineer