Recently, Japan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pakistan under which Japan will be opening its doors for Pakistani skilled workers. The MoU will allow thousands of Pakistani workers to work legally in 14 sectors of Japan, including construction, IT, nursing, manufacturing, and engineering among others.

Now the question is that what type of Visa will be given to Pakistanis? Since Japan has been facing a major shortage of labor and needs 340000 workers in the upcoming years. So, to control labor shortage, Japan has already released its new work visa program called “Specified Skilled Worker” back in April 2019. Previously, only 9 countries were eligible for this visa excluding Pakistan. However, according to the recent agreement, Pakistan has been included in the new work visa program eligible countries list. Pakistanis will get Specified Skills to work visa under newly signed Memorandum of Cooperation.

As per the MOU agreement, Pakistani citizens will be able to secure a work visa to work in any of the 14 sectors in   Japan. The list of industries includes Nursing care, Building cleaning management, Construction industry, Machine parts & tooling industries, Forges and foundries, Electric, electronics and IT industries, Automobile maintenance, and Shipbuilding/ship machinery industry, among others.

Requirements for Specified Skills Work Visa:

  • Candidates must be skilled in any of the mentioned 14 occupations.
  • Candidates require basic Japanese language skills.

Centers for Japanese language courses will be started in different areas of Pakistan where applicants can do 3-6 months Japanese language course.

However, details regarding the further requirements and application process of specified skills work visas have not yet revealed. It’s expected to be announced soon.

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