Pakistan and Turkey are planning to offer dual nationality for the citizens of both countries that will magnify the relation between the two countries.

The dual nationality plan was introduced during a meeting between Interior Minister of Pakistan Ijaz Ahmed Shah and Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan, Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul.

In response to the proposal offered by Yurdakul, Ijaz Ahmes said that “the draft is under consideration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is on board with us, we hope to reach a mutual conclusion soon.”

Pakistan’s minister also welcomed the deal of combined training of forces of both countries with the upgrading of equipment of law enforcement agencies. 

The statement made by the ministry said:

 “The Minister for Interior welcomed the initiative of introducing a patrolling force in collaboration with ICT [Islamabad Capital Territory] Police on the model of Dolphin Force introduced in Lahore.”

Turkish Ambassador tweeted:

“Proposal is about starting to work on the mutual recognition of dual citizenship (PAK&TURK) holders and determining their status in Turkey & Pakistan respectively.”

Yurdakul also told that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will make a visit to Pakistan soon.

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