On February 19, the UK has introduced a new Points-Based Immigration System to minimize the ratio of low-skilled migrants coming to the country.

Priti Patel, Britain’s home secretary, has launched the new points-based visa system saying the new system aims to attract the “brightest and the best” workers from around the globe.

The new system takes effect from January 1, 2021, at the end of the transition period after Britain’s exit from the European Union on January 31.

According to the reports, “the new Points-Based Immigration System will assign points for specific skills, professions, qualifications /attributes, salaries, and visas will only be awarded to those who gain enough points.”

Moreover, “the government has listened to the clear message from the 2016 referendum and the 2019 General Election and will end the reliance on cheap, low-skilled labour coming into the country.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said, “we’re ending free movement, taking back control of our borders and delivering on the people’s priorities by introducing a new UK points-based immigration system, which will bring overall migration numbers down.”  

She further stated, “Today is a historic moment for the whole country. We will attract the brightest and the best from around the globe, boosting the economy and our communities, and unleash this country’s full potential.”

Under the new points-based visa system, workers who want to move to the UK will be required to have a good command over the English language. Also, they must have an offer of a skilled job which would provide a minimum salary of £25,600 (approximately ₹23.8 lakh). The applicants would be awarded 50 points if they fulfill these requirements while they would need to earn a total of 70 points to be able to work in the United Kingdom.

“The new single global system will treat the EU and non-EU citizens equally. It will give top priority to those with the highest skills and the greatest talents, including scientists, engineers, and academics,” said Home Secretary.

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