Spain overtakes China for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, reporting a total of 85,195 on Monday.

The new daily total of 812 deaths was a slight decrease on Sunday’s record of 838, bringing the overall number of fatalities to 7,340.

Spain joins Italy and the US with over 85,000 infections.

The news comes as Spain puts into effect tighter lockdown measures approved by the government, after they were announced earlier by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in the latest attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

All non-essential workers are being confined to their homes from today, Monday until April 9, a further restriction on top of the constraints already imposed under the state of alarm declared on March 14.

Approval for the move came at an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Sunday.

In Italy, there was some encouraging news as the daily death toll — at 756 on Sunday — fell for the third day running.

“These are big changes, in order of 10-15% per day, and are reflecting the fact that the health system is answering back and of the efficacy of the measures taken,” said pulmonologist and government adviser Luca Richeldi.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a health chief in England warned that it could be six months before life returns to normal.

Among the latest developments:

EasyJet says it is grounding its entire fleet of aircraft due to the pandemic, blaming “unprecedented restrictions”. The budget airline will continue to make its planes available for rescue flights.

President Trump extended social distancing guidelines to April 30, having previously said he wanted the US to return to normal by Easter.

Spain’s latest daily death toll of 812 on Monday followed a new one-day record the previous day. The total number of confirmed cases, which has now overtaken China’s total, rose by eight percent in 24 hours.

Italy, which has the world’s highest number of deaths, counted 756 more deaths in 24 hours bringing its total death toll to 10,779. The figure was a significant drop on the two previous days’ totals of 969 and 889.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Sunday that “things will get worse before they get better” and that further restrictions may be imposed on citizens.

In Russia, where the reported numbers had suggested the country was escaping the worst of the virus, the mayor of Moscow ordered a lockdown.
33,000 deaths worldwide
The number of fatalities around the world soared past 33,000 on Sunday, with Europe the hardest-hit region.

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