Islamabad: The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEP) has chosen to expand the dateline for the accommodation of the Fulbright Scholarship applications for the year 2021 by June 15.

As per US Consulate, Karachi, declaration, taking into account the conclusion of USEP’s trying division till April 5 due to COVID pandemic and burden being caused to the proposing applicants, the specialists have chosen to encourage the last mentioned.

“The USEP Testing Department is shut until April 5. We comprehend that this will burden 2021 Fulbright candidates and are in this way broadening the cutoff time until Monday, June 15,” it said.

The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan, which gets backing and advice from both the Pakistan and US governments, manages an assortment of projects that send Pakistani understudies and researchers to American grounds while getting American researchers to colleges Pakistan.

As indicated by it, the objective of every one of its projects is to assist Pakistanis with getting familiar with the US and to assist Americans with becoming familiar with Pakistan and its kin.

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