SYDNEY: Pakistani students in Australia and Pakistani visitors need quick consideration from the Government of Pakistan, particularly Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. A few Pakistani students are studying in schools and colleges in Australia. These students meet their costs by doing low maintenance occupations. As now organizations are shut because of the COVID 19 circumstance and these students have lost their transitory positions, a large number of these students need to return to Pakistan. Since the carriers are shut right now, they are engaging the Government of Pakistan, particularly Imran Khan, to take quick care of them. Exceptional flights should be arranged for these students to take them to Pakistan.

Permanent Pakistani Australians are helping these students in their conceivable limits. Syed Atiqul Hassan, writer, expert, and senior network pioneer, Sydney, Australia, additionally shaped a gathering and raised $15,000 through Crescent Relief Australia (a nearby cause association) and disseminated to direly destitute understudies, however, this was insufficient. The emergencies these students are looking for are more prominent than our assistance to them.

The Australian government would not support these students, saying that students who think they are experiencing money related troubles should come back to their nations of origin. Numerous students need to come back to Pakistan yet because of the closure of the airlines, they cannot travel by airline.

Along these lines, exceptional flights should be arranged which should be overseen by the Government of Pakistan. These students are the eventual fate of Pakistan who buckles down day and night to get instruction and abilities and serve Pakistan, they are the advantage of Pakistan. The guardians and family members of these students in Pakistan are extremely stressed over them and need them to be in Pakistan right away.

These Pakistani students and Pakistani guests in Australia have additionally attempted to contact the Pakistani international safe haven and look for help, yet as indicated by them, they have not gotten acceptable data and help. It is heard that the Government of Pakistan is attempting to mastermind uncommon trips for them from Australia to Pakistan.

Regardless of whether the Government of Pakistan oversees extraordinary trips for them, these would be very expensive, and asking these stranded Pakistanis to purchase tickets for the travel will not be fair, and would be out of reach for them in today’s situation when these students are already unemployed.

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