On 7 July 2020, the Government of New Zealand made some short-term changes to the New Zealand Student Visa rules due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effects of COVID-19 on the extension of New Zealand Student Visa in 2020

If you are a holder of a student, work, visitor, interim or limited visa with an expiry of 2 April to 9 July 2020 and if you were in New Zealand on 2 April 2020. According to the New Zealand Government’s epidemic management notice, your visas will be extended to 25 September 2020. The conditions on the visa remain the same. The extension of the visa will be confirmed with an email from Immigration Department of New Zealand.

Note: You can confirm your visa expiry date at Visa Verification Service.

What if your student visa expires after 9 July 2020?

If you are in New Zealand and your student visa will expire after 9 July 2020. Then according to the Epidemic Management Notice, your visa will not be extended, and visa expiry will remain the same. You need to:

  • Leave the state before your expiry of the visa.
  • Apply for an application for a new visa.

Note: What if you do not leave New Zealand before the visa expires?

Those students who have completed their education, who are not able to complete their studies, who want to extend their course of study, or those who want to change their study course/education institution, need to apply for a new visa or the changes of conditions. 

Overseas New Zealand student visa holders and applicants

The New Zealand student visa holders can no longer enter New Zealand due to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. There is no date mentioned for elevating border constraints.

If you are outside of New Zealand, do not apply for a student visa until New Zealand’s border constraints are not lifted. International students can study online without a visa, and once New Zealand’s border restrictions are lifted, you can apply for a visa by providing the evidence of your online study. 

In case you choose to study online in your native country. Still, you will need to fulfil the following requirements to be granted a student visa. 

  • Good health and character
  • Genuine student
  • Enough financial funds for maintenance

Note: You must be able to support yourself financially while studying in New Zealand. So, if you are a student in New Zealand and applying for another student visa, you need to provide a receipt of tuition and evidence of NZD 15,000 funds per year. 

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