Five Changes to Australia Student Visa


In July 2020, the government of Australia made a few changes to the arrangements of the Australia Student Visa to make sure Australia will remain a first priority destination for international students even after coming out from the coronavirus pandemic. These changes will give confidence to the international students in their visa arrangements. Thus, they will be able to plan to study in Australia when it is safe.

According to the press statement, International students play a vital role in the economy of Australia, annually contributing $40 billion and assisting 250,000 jobs. Many of them are also continuing to become good Australian citizens.

The five changes to the Australia Student Visa announced by the Australian government is to make sure that international students are not affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and Australia stays competitive with other states”.

What are the five changes to the Australia Student Visa?

The following are the five changes to the Australia Student Visa.

  • The government will resume allowing student visas in all locations outside Australia. It means when borders re-open, then the students will already have visas, and they will be able to prepare arrangements to travel.
  • International students will be able to submit an additional student visa application at no extra cost if they cannot complete their course of study within the validity of their original visa due to coronavirus pandemic.
  • The holders of student visas outside Australia who are studying online due to coronavirus pandemic will be enabled to use the current study to count towards the Australian study requirement for a post-study work visa.
  • Graduates students who hold a student visa and are currently outside Australia will be able to apply for a post-study work visa if they cannot come back due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Extra time will be granted to applicants to provide English language test results where coronavirus pandemic has interrupted these services.

The government of Australia has earlier laid-back the work restrictions for international students working in the health, disability, and aged care sectors during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Note that the Australian government has announced these five changes to the Australia Student Visa, but the legislation has still not been released yet. 

Impact of coronavirus pandemic on student visas

The explosion of the coronavirus pandemic has caused several changes to the laws and policies that govern student visas in Australia. Several international students cannot return to Australia to proceed with their studies due to the closure of the border. To ensure the continuity of the study courses, universities are conducting a lot of their courses online. Moreover, Australia is proud to be a welcoming and warm nation with a superior education system and one of the low coronavirus pandemic rates in the world.

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