Estonia Digital Nomad Visa


The government of Estonia has resumed the applications for its Digital Nomad Visa (DNV). It is great news for remote workers. A Digital Nomad Visa allows foreign nationals in Estonia to work for an international employer or as a freelancer.

It permits foreigners to work remotely in Estonia, independent of location. The field of technology, Marketing, and finance are the significant areas of business in this kind of visa.

The Ministry of Interior of Estonia had earlier proclaimed that this type of visa could be provided for short-term (Type C-visa) and long-term (Type D-visa) stay. Estonia DNV does not require any particular skill, education level, or profession, despite its goal to attract highly paid persons to work in Estonia.

Who is eligible to apply for a Estonia Digital Nomad Visa?

You need to fulfill the following conditions before applying for Estonia DNV.

  • You need to confirm that you are a Digital Nomad. In short, you need to prove that you can work and perform your work duties independent of location and remotely using telecommunications technology.
  • You need an effective work contract with a company outside Estonia or a freelancer for customers of international countries.
  • You need to provide evidence that shows an income of €3504 (gross of tax) in a month over the last six months.

As you may already know, Estonia is one of the Schengen area states. Thus the holders of Estonia Digital Nomad Visa are also eligible to enter the other Schengen area countries on the same visa.

If you stay in Estonia on the DNV, it does not mean that you have the right to obtain Estonian permanent residency. It will allow you a temporary stay, but it is not a residence permit. The DNV gives you the right to remain in Estonia temporarily, but on the other hand, e-Residency does not provide any travel rights.

To prevent the outbreak of the COVID-19, Estonia has applied some travel restrictions as a precautionary measure. Thus, those foreigners who want to apply for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa need to read all the travel information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia because the DNV will not be granted to those who are not eligible to travel to Estonia due to travel restrictions.

In June, the government of Estonia accepted the modifications to the Alien Act to permit the establishment of a Digital Nomad Visa. It is one of the first states in the world to set up such a visa.

Last month, a Dutch entrepreneur, requested the Prime Minister of Croatia to follow Estonia’s example and introduce Digital Nomad Visa, as quickly as possible.

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