Norway Announced Mandatory Quarantine for Citizens of High-Risk Countries


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway announced a mandatory quarantine for the citizens of high-risk countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway stated that the citizens of Norway who travel to any of the following states for non-essential purposes must go through about ten days of mandatory quarantine after the return. 

  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Monaco
  • The Czech Republic
  • Sweden  (Some regions)

The decision of mandatory quarantine for Citizens of High-Risk Countries was announced by Norway after the National Institute of Public Health evaluated that the coronavirus pandemic condition is not really in control in these countries. The citizens of Norway are also appealed not to travel to Andorra, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania if it is not necessary. All the Sweden passengers who are coming from the region of Scania and Kronoberg in Norway, need to follow quarantine rules as these regions have been added to the red list according to authorities in Norway.

Which regions of Sweden is exempted from the quarantine?

According to authorities in Norway, the following Swedish regions are exempted from the quarantine. 

  • Blekinge
  • Dalarna
  • Kalmar
  • Södermanland
  • Uppsala
  • Örebro
  • Östergötland
  • Värmland
  • Västerbotten

Foreign Minister highlighted that everyone who wants to travel abroad must think gently and habituate themselves with the circumstance in the country they are going to visit.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide emphasised that many European countries are sadly facing the challenge of increasing infection rates. She said that the situation has made it essential for Norway to evaluate the travel advice for the citizens of Norway continually.

Bent Høie, Minister of Health and Care Services stated that nationals who reached Norway from the red list need to watch out for the COVID-19 symptoms, and must follow the coronavirus introduced rules.

The Institute of Public Health of Norway regularly estimates the situation of COVID-19 in all other states and up to date information every 14 days. More changes may be required if a country or region accounts for an increase in the number of infections. The present travel guidance will be applied until August 20.

Last week, the National Institute of Public Health of Norway advised to Norwegian citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Belgium because of the coronavirus pandemic situation in Belgium.

Moreover, the recommendation of the European Union Council to resume the border restriction to the nationals of 12 third-countries has not been pursued by the government of Norway. Under the government of Norway, the pandemic situation abroad must be approximate carefully before reopening its borders to any third country.

On July 15,  Norway opened its borders for tourists from some EU Member States.

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