According to the reports, Japan is planning to launch a new 2-year start-up visa for international students. This visa will allow international students who are graduating from specified Japanese universities to remain in the state for up to 2 years to establish a new business.

Japan has recently opened its borders for foreign travelers who hold long-term Japanese visas. Before traveling, individuals will also need to have a negative coronavirus test conducted within 72 hours of the departure time. A 14-day self-quarantine is also required after arrival in Japan. 

According to the official statistics with the Japan Student Services Organization, universities in Japan held a record-breaking number of 140,000 international students.

In 2019, up to 25,942 international students were granted Japanese work visas after graduating from Japanese educational institutions.

Usually, international students who plan to establish a business in Japan need to promptly require a new visa as a business manager after graduation; otherwise, they have to return to their native state.

Thus, to obtain a visa as a business manager, the international student needs to meet certain conditions given below:

  • Having an office in Japan
  • Businesses have a minimum of 2 employees, along with the possessing time of around 5 million yen in capital.

Alternatively, in limited parts of Japan from the budgetary year 2018, Japan offers a 1-year transition period for international graduates.

However, the geographic region is limited; the program is being criticized. Furthermore, several believed that one year was a short time for establishing a new business. Under the Justice Ministry, about 560 individuals shifted from a Japanese student visa to a business manager visa in 2018 and there were only some entrepreneurs among them. 

With the new visa, more international students graduating from universities in Japan will meet their entrepreneurial aims.

To be qualified for the transitional status, an international student will need to graduate from any of the total 40 universities, such as Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo, in Japan. They will also need to obtain a recommendation from their concerned schools, based on their resumes and business plans.

The qualified schools are a part of Japan’s government to globalize universities in Japan, along with supporting international students to search for jobs in Japan.

Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has struck global movability to a definite area currently, Japan’s government considers the friendly competition for talent globally will restart as soon as the coronavirus pandemic is in hands.

The new 2-year start-up visa is mainly focused on international students who are graduating from Japanese universities and the petitions for the new visa will be open soon. This step by Japan is enticing for international students who are looking for new opportunities.

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