Abu Dhabi Crisis, Disasters, and Emergency Committee have updated the guidelines for entering the emirate of Abu Dhabi. According to the updated guidelines, now anyone who wants to enter Abu Dhabi for a stay of four or more continuous days needs to take a PCR test on the fourth day of his arrival.

If you stay for more than eight days, you need to take another PCR test on the eighth day. The first day of your arrival in Abu Dhabi is counted as Day 1.

You also need to show a negative Covid-19 test report at the time of entry. Entry must be within 48 hours after receiving a negative DPI or PCR test result.

Previously, anyone who wanted to enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi needed to take a PCR test on the sixth day of arrival

But now under the new guideline for entering the emirate of Abu Dhabi. In case you are entering Abu Dhabi on Monday (Day 1) and want to remain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for four or more days, then a PCR test is compulsory on Thursday (Day 4). If you stay in the state for eight or more days, a PCR test is obligatory on Sunday (Day 8).

Moreover, those who cannot take the PCR test on 4rth Day and 8th Day will be responsible for fines.

All the volunteers of COVID-19 vaccine trials are entitled to use emergency vehicle lanes for smooth travel.

Requirements for entry to Abu Dhabi

1. The foremost requirement for entering Abu Dhabi is to obtain a negative COVID-19 test result. At the entry point, two types of test reports are accepted:

  • An RT-PCR test (Done through a nasal swab)
  • Laser-based DPI test (A blood test)

Note that, you can only enter Abu Dhabi within 48 hours after receiving the test result.

2. If you want to remain in Abu Dhabi for more than four days, you need to obtain a PCR test done on Day 4. 

3. If you stay in Abu Dhabi for eight or more days, you need to take a different PCR test on Day 8.

Shortly, two re-tests are now required on the fourth and eighth day after your arrival day. These guidelines apply to anyone who wants to enter Abu Dhabi.

Test center locations

The following are the locations of test centers for the RT-PCR test.

1. Dubai

• Al Ahli Club

• Al Nasr Club – Oud Metha

• Hamriya

• Majlis Al Rashidiya

• Majlis Al Jumeirah

• Mall of Emirates

• Mirdif City Centre

2. Abu Dhabi

• Zayed Sports City

• Al Wathba Screening Centre

• Al Bahia Screening Centre

• Al Shamkha Screening Centre

• Abu Dhabi Corniche

• Al Ain – Asharij Screening Centre

• Al Dhafra – Madinat Zayed

• Al Dhafra – Ghayathi

• Al Dhafra – Al Mifra

• Al Dhafra – Al Silla

• Al Dhafra – Liwa

• Al Dhafra – Delma

3. Sharjah

• Golf and Shooting Club

• Al Sajaa Shopping Centre

• A tent in Al Qasimia area, near Al Gharb Police Station and Africa Hall

• Wasit Health Centre

• Sharjah Health Centre

• Lou Aluoayyah Health Centre

• Al Dhaid Health Centre

• Al Qassimi Hospital

• Kuwait Hospital

4. Ajman

• Al Jerf 2

• Al Bait Metwahid Hall

5. Ras Al Khaimah

• Dafan Al Khor centre, near the corniche

• Al Mairid Health Centre

• Al Jazerah Health Centre

• Al Digdagah Health Centre

• Al Rams Health Centre

• Ebrahim Obaidullah Hospital

• Saqar Hospital

• New Abdullah Omran Hospital

• Shaam Hospital

6. Umm Al Quwain

• Defence Camp

• Al Salama Health Centre

• Falaj Al Mualla Health Centre

• Al Khazan Health Centre

• Al Rafa Health Centre

• Preventive Medical Centre

• UAQ Hospital

7. Fujairah

• National testing centre, near Fujairah Hospital

• Exhibition Centre

For DPI test

1. Abu Dhabi

• Zayed Sports City

• Abu Dhabi Corniche

• Laser Screening Centre – Ghantoot

2. Dubai

• Port Rashid

• Al Khawaneej

3. Sharjah

• Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club

4. Ajman

• Emirates Hospitality Centre

5. Ras Al Khaimah

• Dafan Al Khor, near National Screening Centre

6. Fujairah

• Fujairah Centre, near Fujairah Mall

7. Al Ain

• Al Hili Wedding Hall

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