UK universities have set new plans to retain and increase the United Kingdom Higher Education’s global influence after Covid-19. They are destined to build their potential to fascinate talent and investment from all over the world.

What is the new proposal?

The new proposals include:

1. Creation of a one-stop-shop to provide settlement and immigration advice to eventual candidates to the UK.

2. Reducing the cost of the visa

3. Improving and strengthening the scope and impact of international research collaboration, partnerships, and mobility.

4. An embellishment of different activities and to support the UK higher education by rising investment to £20 million a year.

A manifesto was published on October 21, which stressed establishing a new fund for global distinction research to retain and attract international talent to prosecute new research ideas in the UK.

Study Group’s Managing Director for the UK and EU James Pitman have given remarks on the new plans. He appreciated these new plans and said that universities of the UK are entirely right to focus on the opportunity for British Higher Education to make the country the first choice for higher education globally.

He said in a pronouncement: “For years, we have experienced a remarkable reputation for educational quality and the respect students have in our universities and general society. If we compare that with leading world-wide service from the application under all elements of international education policy through study and apart, there is nobody to prevent the UK from leading the world in higher education.”

The UK will accomplish its objectives in science, research, and the arts if it assumes guidelines that facilitate students, teachers, and researchers to study, work, and live in Britain. The University representative board said that they sincerely hope to increase education exports and attract, foster, and retain global talent if it encompasses different policies for international talent.

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