Top 5 Countries to Travel to in 2021


2020 has been an unparalleled year. The impact of COVID-19 has changed many things. Currently, it might be out of the question to think about travelling overseas for a vacation. But now, things are, however, looking up for 2021.

Even though the existing outline of the COVID-19 pandemic and many travel limitations, a growing number of countries have initiated opening their borders, with appropriate consideration to health and safety conventions.

All the airlines and hotels worldwide have also configured themselves to the adapted circumstances. As we get habitual to the “new normal,” now is the time to start planning our amazing overseas trip in 2021.

As countries reopen, travel will indeed seem much distinct compared to the pre-pandemic world. Though, the different faces of the trips around the world will also come with a glimmer of hope. Under the industry experts, travellers are hoped to be a lot more prudent and attentive while travelling in 2021.

Here, we will take a peek at the Top 5 countries to travel to in 2021.


Turkey is a traditional and intriguing state, and it is adequately modernistic to provide a comfortable stay. It is a multicultural and friendly nation. A visit abroad to Turkey gives positive value for money. 

Every year, more than 35 million visitors make their way to Turkey. A palatable cuisine and bona fide shopping destinations are amid some of the great attractions of Turkey.


It is a perfect destination for those who are looking at an exceptional place to vacation in 2021. Ireland is renowned as the miraculous Emerald Island.  

Besides fantastic scenery and a mass of outdoor activities, Ireland is also globally known for its friendly natives and traditional music.


History enthusiasts will love Greece. Annually, many people from worldwide go ahead Greece, various for the exciting history, and some for the breathtaking picturesque beaches. An essential factor that functions in support of the state is that of affordability. Usually, travelling to Greece costs significantly less as compared to other well-known destinations.


It is one of the rapidly developing states with a modern skyline, incomparable Museum of Islamic Art, culinary scenes, and thriving arts. Qatar is a land where novelty meets cultural veracity.

Qatar’s people are substantial in their lavish cultural heritage while, concurrently, keeping an eye on the future. Qatar offers a wide range of outdoor activities to the traveller.

As the world reopens progressively, 2021 certainly retains much hope for those who are looking to visit abroad destinations noteworthy for their queerness and monuments offered.


Idyllic beach Buffs will surely adore the Maldives. It is renowned for its pristine waters with enticing blue and effervescent white sand shades under the infinite skies. The Maldives is one of the great snorkelling destinations globally. It is a splendour travel destination in Asia.

So, these are the Top 5 Countries to Travel to in 2021. Do you want to obtain Visit Visa for any of these countries? If so, Contact Us!

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